1800 PeliLite Flashlight
This one is built to last. The unbreakable ABS body resists chemicals, water and corrosion. The poly..
1820 Pocket Sabre Flashlight
The Pocket Sabre 1820 flashlight descended from Pelican's famous SabreLite 2000. Built to last,..
1830 L4 LED Flashlight
The L4 is a handy, unbelievably bright LED flashlight that's powered by 3 AAAA alkaline cells (inclu..
1900 MityLite Flashlight
Unlike conventional flashlights that have a yellowish beam, the MityLite 1900 flashlight uses a hi-i..
2000 SabreLite Flashlight
This powerful flashlight was designed with one thing in mind: SAFETY. It carries a variety of approv..
2010 SabreLite LED Flashlight
The SabreLite 2010 LED is Pelican's flagship LED flashlight. LED technology produces a white collima..
2140 Tracker Flashlight
The Tracker 2140 Flashlight is made of tough polycarbonate resin that withstands chemicals, water, a..
2250 VersaBrite Deluxe Light Kit
The VersaBrite™ 2250 Deluxe Flashlight Kit is made of tough polycarbonate resin that withstands chem..
2300 MityLite Flashlight
The MityLite 2300 Flashlight packs a lot of power in its small body. Unlike ordinary flashlights tha..
2340 MityLite Flashlight
The 2340 is a compact, convenient personal flashlight, but is also a powerful professional duty ligh..
2400 StealthLite Flashlight
Popular with firefighters and adventure seekers. The unique easy slide thumb switch on the StealthLi..
2400 StealthLite Photoluminescent Flashlight
Same features as the StealthLite 2400 Flashlight but outfitted with a lens ring that emits..
2430 MityLite Flashlight
The compact design of the 2430 Flashlight makes it perfect for general use, around the house or at w..
3320 PM6 Flashlight
The 3320 is a compact flashlight made of Xenoy polymer that's light weight, corrosion proof, and ext..
3700 Big Ed Flashlight
Designed for the firefighter, the Big Ed is the choice of flashlight for the turnout gear. The unbre..
4000 KingLite Flashlight
The KingLite is a heavy duty, high powered spotlight packed with features. It uses a unique dual fil..
8040 M10 Flashlight
The PELICAN™ M10™ Flashlight uses a high-pressure Xenon fired lamp module that produces a powerful, ..