Heads-up Lite

2600 HeadsUp Lite Headlight
The 2600 is a premier hands-free light. It comes with a hi-intensity Krypton lamp for intense bright..
2610 HeadsUp Lite LED Headlight
The 2610 provides hands-free light where you need it, when you need it. A dual mode button activates..
2620 HeadsUp Lite Headlight
A hybrid LED/Xenon hands-free flashlight. The 2620 gives you the option of using the Xenon lamp for ..
2620NVG HeadsUp Lite Flashlight
This flashlight has the same features of the HeadsUp Lite™ 2620 but equipped with a special lens tha..
2640 HeadsUp Lite Headlight
The 2640 is a powerful Halogen/LED combo hands-free light for any task, big or small. Flip the switc..
2670 HeadsUp Lite LED Headlight
To blaze new trails for all those who need brilliant hands-free light, Pelican Products has unveiled..
2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlight
We've taken our popular 2600 and outfitted it with our Recoil LED module. What you get is ..
2690 HeadsUp Lite LED Headlight
Regardless of the season, Pelican's new 2690 HeadsUp Lite™ won't leave you in the dark. With 60 lume..
2720 LED Headlight
� Gesture Activation Control � Variable Light Output  � Dual Red LED Night Vision Gloved han..
2740 LED Headlight
Compact, reliable headlight for harsh conditions - the 2740 LED Headlight features 3 LEDs, two white..
2750 LED Headlight
Bright, compact headlight for harsh conditions with a night vision friendly red LED - the high outpu..
2760 LED Headlight
MULTI-BEAM FUNCTIONALITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS It's the one headlight that does it all. Tough, lightwe..