Pelican Testimonial

Jason Bitterman
Oda 551

So There Was This Block Of C4...

At this time the helicopter had been destroyed by two maverick missiles. The only thing that was salvageable was the Pelican case. The case was completely intact with minor burns and one broken latch. The contents of the case all functioned properly, nothing was damaged.

The case contained 6 satellite phones, an electronic radio system, a highly sensitive digital camera and a block of C-4 explosive. We used the case and equipment throughout our stay in Iraq, which lasted a few months. Thank you for a fine product. Your product is a definite asset in the fight for freedom.

John R. Haines,
Metropolitan Police,
Washington D.C

All my gear in my duty bag

All my gear in my duty bag was destroyed and I begged my fellow officers to try and free my laptop from the mangled mess in hopes that it could at least be repaired. Well after they got the fire department to go back and use the jaws of life to free my laptop I expected the worse.

The outside of the case had several scratches on it but was intact. I opened it to expect my laptop to be in parts. To my surprise it was fully intact along with my digital camera and tape recorder. I turned it on and it worked perfectly. I just want to thank your company for this great product and you have a customer for life. I have attached a picture of my police car (whats left).
Thanks again.

RioBotz Team,
PUC-Rio University,
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Transporting Combat Robots

“RioBotz is a team from PUC-Rio University in Rio de Janeiro that builds combat robots. We’re one of the biggest in the world and we’ve won more than 100 titles over our 10 years of existence.

Combat robots need to be tough! Their structure is made from high grade materials, like aeronautic and naval aluminum, specials steels and titanium. But they aren’t completely tough; they also have fragile parts, like electronics and batteries that need to remain intact until the match ends.

One of the biggest problems about robotic competition is transportation. Imagine carrying extremely fragile components, heavy parts, sharp pieces of steel and other robotic parts around the world without any damage? Every year, we need to carry about 2,000lbs of such equipment per competition.

Most of our previous cases only withstood a single trip (or less), being destroyed during the transportation while carrying each 70lb worth of metal parts. Even when those cases survived they didn’t appropriately protect all our expensive and custom-made equipment. With our Pelican cases, we can transport everything safely, from motors to electronics. We also use them to keep our tools and spare robot parts during the event. Pelican cases let us transport our equipment from Brazil to anywhere in the world, allowing us to compete in high-level competitions and achieving great results!”

Steve 'Starlo' Starling,
an Australian sports fishing writer and television personality on the angling and outdoor programs

10 Out of 10!

The Pelican 95QT Elite Cooler had its first major “away” trip within week of arriving to me. I slung three bags of cheap, service station party ice into the bottom and loaded all our food etc on top… Most of the food was already refrigerated or frozen, but I didn’t chill the cooler’s interior first or anything like that… NINE DAYS later (and more than three days after we returned home) there was still some ice in the bottom of the cooler! That is extraordinary performance in my book, especially as it was opened and closed quite regularly during the trip, and we experienced reasonably warm weather throughout!

Since then, the big Pelican has become an integral part of all our major field trips and camping expeditions and it has continued to perform flawlessly, far exceeding my expectations of an insulated cooler. Its strength and amazing robustness are especially important and we often press it into service as a bench seat or table in the bush, as well as climbing up on it to take photos, etc. It takes our food out bush with us, keeps it icy for a week, and lets us bring freshly caught fish home… regardless of the weather conditions and ambient temperature.

It is, quite simply, a superb piece of kit! I have really come to rely on the exceptional performance of this incredible cooler, and knowing that it carries a lifetime warranty gives great peace of mind… Ten out of ten!

G-Form Testimonial

Nikita Ducarroz

Nikita Ducarroz, 18 year old Female Freestlye Bmxer

Low profile, comfortable, and protective, G-Form is like a pad sent from heaven. With everything else evolving around us, it’s great to finally have pads that are evolving too. Gone are the days of having to wear big hardshell pads. Now I don’t have to sacrifice flexibility, in order to be protected. Honestly, it’s almost hard to believe it’s true! Switching from big, bulky pads, to thinking I had nothing on, I felt vulnerable. No sooner had I taken my first crash that night, I realized that I hadn’t felt a thing. That’s all it took to convince me, and I haven’t looked back since that day. I have been riding G-Form for about two years now, and I am constantly being stopped because people want to know about the pads I am wearing. G-Form is taking over BMX, and rightly so.

Sage Donnelly

Sage Donnelly, National Champion Freestyle & Slalom Kayaker

This weekend, I put my Badfish MCIT inflatable SUP and G-Form elbow pads through the test!  I have used them both for about 9 months now, from class 2 rivers to class 5, and on steep creeks and rivers and have remained injury free. But this weekend I participated in a low water stand up paddle board (SUP) boardercross and slalom races in Kernville, CA. and it was FUN!  The low water made it so LOTS of rocks were exposed or just under the surface so the fins would catch and send you flying, but my G-Form kept my arms injury free and my MCIT kept me above a LOT of the rocks!  The boardercross was especially exciting since it involved 5 women on SUPs doing a mass start and mad dash down a small, bony, river channel.  I didn’t win, and I wasn’t last, but considering I was competing against former Olympic medal winners (Rebecca Giddens, silver medal in slalom, 2004)  and professional surfer Ax El, I think I did pretty well!  I look forward to a full season of SUPing, creeking and racing and testing the limits!

Ross Druckrey

Pro Downhill Skateboarder Ross Druckrey Reviews G-Form Pads

I wear G-Form Pads because they are light weight, comfortable, and offer a surprising amount of protection. Unlike traditional pads, they stay in place very well (and can actually be a bit difficult to pull of at times), so the only time I ever think about my G-Forms is right after a fall. I love the feeling of getting up after a hard crash and realizing that my pads did exactly what they were designed to do. Another benefit of G-Form pads is that they can be worn under clothing, leathers, and even fit under most traditional pads.

Having a good speed tuck is a very important part of being a successful downhill skateboarder. Because G-Forms are so flexible and low profile, they do not restrict your ability to fold your body into your smallest, most aerodynamic position. I have actually found that the knee pads make tucking more comfortable because they provide a cushion between the back of your front leg and your back knee.

I also wear my G-Forms when I am filming because they allow me to kneel on hard, rough, and uneven surfaces for extended periods of time without discomfort. There are a million uses for this incredible impact absorbing material and I can’t wait to see what else G-Form comes up with in the future.

Colton Satterfield

Colton Satterfield, Pro BMX Rider

G-Form is plain and simply taking over the pad game in BMX and action sports as a whole. Everyone within BMX absolutely hates the big bulky pads. I have seen riders in the past resort to little volleyball kneepad and elbow pads just to get away from the bulky skateboard type. Ever since we all caught wind of G-Form though, it has all been over.

G-Forms are tight-fitting, super comfortable, lightweight, small, and best of all, extremely effective. The science that goes into each pad is truly ground breaking. How can such a small pad absorb that much energy? Truth is, you probably won’t even believe it until you try. The first time I fell on them, I cringed until I hit the ground, then stood up laughing – “You’re kidding.” From legends within BMX such as Cory Nastazio or new killers such as X Games Medalist Pat Casey, and many many more, I get asked one thing: “Where can I get those?” It’s like showing them a whole new world every time, haha! Within BMX now, the snowball effect has begun. They are simply that groundbreaking. They are simply that good.